"שירות Nitter (שאיפשר לשוטט ב-Twitter גם ללא חשבון ולערוך שם חיפושים) - נסגר"
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  שירות Nitter (שאיפשר לשוטט ב-Twitter גם ללא חשבון ולערוך שם חיפושים) - נסגר  
   לאחר ש"טוויטר חסמה את האפשרות המוּכּרת היחידה לגשת לשירותיה, ללא חשבון"

Twitter front-end Nitter dies as Musk wins war against third-party services
Musk's changes kill service that let you view tweets without going to Twitter.

An open source project that let people view tweets without going to Twitter.com has shut down, as Elon Musk's changes seem to have closed off all possible ways to access the Twitter network without a user account.

Nitter provided an alternative front-end to Twitter but has been struggling for months. Nitter.net, the official Nitter instance, went down a few weeks ago.

NoLog, a Czech group that ran another Nitter instance, announced its demise today. NoLog operated one of the largest Nitter instances but is a different group than the one that created Nitter itself.

"Nitter is over—it's been a fun ride. Twitter blocked the last known way to access their network without a user account," the NoLog update said.

לדיווח המלא, במקור: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2024/02/twitter-front-end-nitter-dies-as-musk-wins-war-against-third-party-services/
להודעה הרשמית, באתר החברה: https://nitter.cz

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