"המדריך להסרת DIRECTX 9 BETA"
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  המדריך להסרת DIRECTX 9 BETA  


זה לגרסת WINDOWS 2000

הוראות הסרה

vorte's DirectX 9 Beta Uninstallation

WARNING: This uninstallation method is no
where -NEAR- clean, but I have tested it
on my 2000 w/ SP2 box, and it seems to get
the job done. I take no responsibility
whatsoever on what it does to your machine
or other machines.

NOTE: This procedure is bound to fail on
Windows XP as the DirectX Eradicator program
does -NOT-, I repeat, does -NOT- support
Windows XP. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Reading past this line acknoledges that you,
the user, has read and understand fully the
precautions / warnings stated above and that
the creator of the instructions and
applications will not be held liable for any


1) Reboot into safe mode.

2) Execute the DirectX Eradicator program
already included in the \Eradicator folder.
I take no credit for this program. It was
developed by Firecat and you can find his
website @ (http://www.freewebz.com/firecat)

3) Reboot back into normal Windows mode.

4) Delete the Restore DirectX shortcut on the
desktop. It was meant to restore DirectX from
the Windows 2000 CD. We ain't going to do this.

5) Execute my DirectX9 cleanup batch file in
the \Cleanup folder.

6) Download and reinstall Microsoft's DirectX 8.1
from http://www.microsoft.com/directx

7) Reboot to finalize DirectX install.

8) You're done. To ensure no time-bombed files
were left behind, set your date ahead one year
and try executing a direct3D / openGL application.


זה לגרסת XP

הוראות התקנה

<< DirectX 9 Uninstaller for XP / .NET >>

This uninstaller uses your original XP or .NET CD to restore your original DirectX 8 files.
Extract these files to C:\DXTEMP! You must extract these files to this directory and run
the UnDx9.bat that uninstalls the DIrectX files in SAFE MODE. Enjoy!

--GxV of #betas

וזה למי שהתקין את גרסת 9 ורוצה גם במקביל את גרסה 8.1

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