"גירבסט מחלקים כסף (money bag) עד סוף החודש, פשוט תיכנסו מדי יום ותקבלו"
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קבוצות דיון צרכנות נושא #40492 מנהל    סגן המנהל    מפקח   Winner    צל"ש   מומחה  
אשכול מספר 40492
חבר מתאריך 10.10.16
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  גירבסט מחלקים כסף (money bag) עד סוף החודש, פשוט תיכנסו מדי יום ותקבלו  

שימו לב שזה מיועד למשתמשי סלולר, אין לינק לדסקטופ אז מי שנכנס ממחשב זה סתם ייראה לו מוזר.

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Activity Rules
1. When you start the game, you will find some cash in your money bag.

2. Invite your friends to help you collect the rest of the cash. Sending and sharing an invitation to friends is a great way to collect even more money.

3. Invite new users to GearBest enjoys more cash reward. Successful invitations allow you to collect the remaining cash more efficiently.

4. Once you finish collecting all the cash in your money bag, you can withdraw it to spend at GearBest.com. The corresponding order amount can be directly withdrawn for you to enjoy.

5. If any cash in your money bag remains uncollected, it will expire in 72 hours. You can restart a money bag any time after the expiration date.

6. Each user has a total of 15 withdrawal opportunities, including one daily withdrawal. Also each user has a total of 3 collection opportunities, these can be up to twice per day.

7. The cash may appear in your local currency denomination, however it is always calculated in US Dollars (USD). GearBest retains the right to determine the currency exchange rate based on its own calculations.

Note: GearBest reserves the right to amend this activity, guidelines and prizes. If you have any questions, please contact us via our Support Center. (My Account-> Contact Us).

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